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Largest places in Central African Republic

The largest cities and places in Central African Republic at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Central African Republic.

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Largest places in Central African Republic
Bangui Bangui1.Bangui Bangui542,393
Bimbo Bimbo2.Ombella-Mpoko Ombella-Mpoko129,655
Mbaiki Mbaïki3.Lobaye Lobaye67,132
Berberati Berbérati4.Mambere-Kadei Mambéré-Kadéï61,815
Kaga Bandoro Kaga Bandoro5.Nana-Grebizi Nana-Grébizi56,520
Bozoum Bozoum6.Ouham-Pende Ouham-Pendé40,201
Carnot Carnot7.Mambere-Kadei Mambéré-Kadéï38,071
Sibut Sibut8.Kemo Kémo34,267
Bambari Bambari9.Ouaka Ouaka32,547
Bria Bria10.Haute-Kotto Haute-Kotto29,027
Bouar Bouar11.Nana-Mambere Nana-Mambéré28,581
Bossangoa Bossangoa12.Ouham Ouham27,428
Nola Nola13.Sangha-Mbaere Sangha-Mbaéré26,809
Bangassou Bangassou14.Mbomou Mbomou24,361
Damara Damara15.Ombella-Mpoko Ombella-Mpoko20,093
Mobaye Mobaye16.Basse-Kotto Basse-Kotto19,431
Paoua Paoua17.Ouham-Pende Ouham-Pendé18,441
Boda Boda18.Lobaye Lobaye16,655
Ippy Ippy19.Ouaka Ouaka16,571
Batangafo Batangafo20.Ouham Ouham15,310
Alindao Alindao21.Basse-Kotto Basse-Kotto14,234
Zemio Zemio22.Haut-Mbomou Haut-Mbomou14,000
Kabo Kabo23.Ouham Ouham13,637
Rafai Rafaï24. 13,459
Bouca Bouca25.Ouham Ouham13,250
Obo Obo26.Haut-Mbomou Haut-Mbomou12,887
Ndele Ndélé27.Bamingui-Bangoran Bamingui-Bangoran11,764
Kembe Kembé28.Basse-Kotto Basse-Kotto11,513
Mongoumba Mongoumba29.Lobaye Lobaye10,885
Birao Birao30.Vakaga Vakaga10,178
Gamboula Gamboula31.Mambere-Kadei Mambéré-Kadéï7,646
Kouango Kouango32.Ouaka Ouaka7,529
Baoro Baoro33.Nana-Mambere Nana-Mambéré6,319
Boali Boali34.Ombella-Mpoko Ombella-Mpoko5,876
Ouadda Ouadda35.Haute-Kotto Haute-Kotto5,434
Gambo Gambo36.Mbomou Mbomou4,971
Ouango Ouango37.Mbomou Mbomou4,365

1 - 37 of 37 places

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